Billing Services For Dentists

At Elite Dental Medical Billing, we understand the unique needs of dentists when it comes to billing. We offer a comprehensive suite of dental billing services that can take the hassle out of billing for good.

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Why should you outsource your billing to Elite Dental Medical Billing?

Outsourcing medical & dental billing is growing in popularity since staff have never been trained, a shortage of team members and the fact that any insurance billing takes so much time and even offices that are not in network are still responsible for giving the patient a copy of a claim to submit.

We are modeling our company as a virtual assistant to your practice. Each team member will be a certified Dental Medical Biller, and with the tools to help your office collect faster and higher fees. Smaller healthcare offices choose to outsource medical dental billing to relieve a heavy workload and conserve resources to enable staff to focus on patient care.

A larger healthcare clinic may choose to outsource medical billing to a third-party provider to increase accuracy and reduce the risk of rejected claims. If a clinic experiences 50 claims per day needing verification, pre-authorization, coding that come back rejected due to coding errors, lack of pre-approval or not in network issues it can waste money and cut down on office productivity.

Outsourced medical billing may also provide a doctor’s office with the opportunity to get their money owed faster. Smaller practices that do not have the resources to hire medical billing specialists may take significantly longer to submit insurance claims without the workforce needed to follow up quickly for a prompt payout.

What services are provided by a medical billing company?

The level and complexity of a billing service can vary greatly. Our team will be your assistant providing any of the services you require.We will show you why both billing Medical, and Dental can begin to profit your office since we already understand the treatments not covered by dental and can be billed too medical.

Claim Generation & Submission

We’ll review the claim for accuracy and submit it to the insurance provider.

Claim Scrubbing

We identify and correct errors on dental claims before they’re submitted to insurance companies.

Insurance Follow-Up

We keep track of the status of each claim and follow-up with the insurance companies until the claim is paid.

Payment Posting & Processing

We ensure that all of your payments are posted accurately and in a timely manner. 

Customized Reports

Custom reporting allows you to assess and compare billing performance trends in a more effective way. 

Certified Billing Specialists

We are dental and medical billing specialists that are certified by QPro.

Advanced Services

We also provide these advanced dental and medical billing services.

Insurance Credentialing

The process that all healthcare service providers perform to become enlisted with insurance companies.

Specialty Coding

We stay on top of all the latest coding changes to make sure that all your claims are filed using the most current codes.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Our team helps determine the patient’s responsibility and insurance coverage for services.


We contact the patient’s insurance company to confirm that their policy is still in effect and that it provides coverage.


Get a decision by the health insurer or plan that a treatment or service is necessary and will be covered.