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CBCT Billing Services for Dentists

Elite Dental Medical Billing offers a service for billing CBCT scans for dentists. We understand the need for accurate and timely reimbursement, and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service possible.

Enjoy hassle-free billing, with no sign-up fee.

Our plans are priced to include the specified number of CBCT scan claim submissions per month, including pre-authorizations and billing. Additional fees apply for claims that exceed the limit of each plan. Claim submission “credits” do not rollover or transfer to subsequent months. Note: the following prices are estimates only. Additional fees or discounts may apply. Please schedule a consultation to receive a personalized quote.

$40 per additional scan up to 49
$35 per additional scan up to 74
$30 per additional

Note: prices do not include verification – you can do self-verification or pay a monthly fee to access portal verification.

What is a CBCT scan?

A cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan is a type of X-ray imaging that’s used to produce three-dimensional (3D) images of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. CBCT scans are often used in dental implants, as they can provide detailed images of the surrounding bone structure.

If you’re a dentist who offers CBCT scanning services, it’s important to have a billing service that understands the nuances of this type of procedure. Elite Dental Medical Billing has extensive experience in CBCT billing, and we can help you get the reimbursement you deserve for your procedures.

Why would I need billing services for only CBCT Scans?

There are a few reasons. First, CBCT imaging is becoming more and more common, and as such, there are more codes and regulations surrounding it. Second, CBCT scans are often done in conjunction with other procedures, which can make billing for them even more complicated. Finally, because reimbursement for CBCT scans can vary widely depending on the insurance company, it is important to have a team of experts who know how to get you the maximum reimbursement possible.

Why choose Elite Dental Medical Billing?

There are many reasons to choose Elite Dental Medical Billing for your CBCT billing needs. We are experienced professionals who understand the nuances of CBCT billing. We are committed to getting you the maximum reimbursement possible. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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Elite Dental Medical Billing has made life so easy for our office. We no longer spend countless hours going back and forth disputing things with insurance or tracking down codes. Elite Dental Medical Billing has been a total game changer.

Cone Beam CT Accreditation Overview

Are you curious about what all goes into getting accredited to bill dental and medical Cone Beam CT imaging? Click the link below to download the accreditation overview flyer and learn about our team members’ expertise.